Diablo 3 Pets

What You Should Know about Diablo 3 Pets

Diablo 3 pets are looking for someone to adopt them, and this could be you. You want to know what options you have and how you can pick a pet, and that is why you should keep reading this article to be provided with the necessary information.

What Is Diablo 3?

It is the third version of a dungeon crawler action RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. There are seven character classes (job or profession) that players can choose out from, including the following:

  •      Crusader;
  •      Barbarian;
  •      Witch Doctor;
  •      Necromancer;
  •      Demon Hunter;
  •      Monk;
  •      Wizard.

All of them need to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. The game is top-rated and 95% of Google users like it.

How Can You Get Diablo 3 Pets?

It is important to note that not all classes use combat pets, but each of them can pick non-combat pets. No matter which game version you choose, you will be able to find a pet to adopt it. You can get a pet in different ways, including purchasing collector’s editions of certain Blizzard games or destroying some rare mobs. You can find some pets only during a certain period, so it is important to stay tuned to events and game releases.

Buying a Pet via Special Purchases

There are some pets that you can purchase, including the following:

  •      Bones;
  •      Half-formed Golem;
  •      Probe.

You can summon Bones in Reaper of Souls Collectors or Deluxe Edition can, here you don’t need pet shop like in real life, enought to spell a cast. These are minions summoned through the Canem Mortem Liber. The pet will not engage monsters for you, but you can use one to pick up gold.

Half-Formed Golem is found in the Rise of the Necromancer pack. It looks very similar to the Flesh Golem. The pet will be with you all the time wherever you go.

The probe is a non-combat pet that you can summon in the Digital Deluxe/Collector’s Edition version of StarCraft II. It is designed to pick up gold. You can take this curious pet with you if you wish.

Getting pets via Menagerist Goblin Drops

Menagerist is the type of Treasure Goblin that has a pale blue appearance and does not possess any special abilities.

The dropped pets that you can get are the following:

  •      Blaze will make a good company for Wizards;
  •      Buddy loves actions with a necromancer;
  •      Charlotte is an excellent pet for those who love arachnids;
  •      Friendly Gauntlet is a hand that will travel with you;
  •      Galthrak the Unhinged is a tiny pet that would like to visit with you;
  •      Grunkk is a mini version of Siegebreaker that should be kept away from buildings;
  •      Haunting Hannah is a hauntingly ghost;
  •      Humbart Wessel is a skull that you can talk to;
  •      Lady Morthanlu is an excellent lady goat;
  •      Lamb is a lost, little boy;
  •      Malfeasance is a creepy pet described as wrongdoing;
  •      Overseer Lady  is a teddy bear;
  •      Queen of the Succubi seems to be friendly, but you do not want to frustrate her;
  •      That Which Must Not Be Named is a cow wearing a crown;
  •      The Bumble is a yeti that loves play Buck Bumble;
  •      Ms. Madeleine is a creepy doll;
  •      The Mimic is a tiny quivering chest;
  •      The Stomach is a pet that keeps rumbling ominously;
  •      Unihorn is an innocent unicorn.

You can also have Liv Moore, a knife-wielding zombie, via Ravi Lilywhite Drop.

In total:

Generally, there are lots of pets that you can find in the game, and whatever you choose, you will not be bored. You need to select a proper version of the game.

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