Avast vs. McAfee

Both antivirus are prevalent solutions that come with lots of security features and other helpful tools. McAfee vs Avast – the great battle of 2 software giants.. Many people do not know which antivirus to choose to enjoy the most benefits, and we can help them to make the right choice by comparing these two products.

About Avast

Avast is extremely popular antivirus. There are different plans, allowing users to choose the best option, and the free version is also available. It is compatible with different operating systems and has a range of high-security features.

The following are the pros and cons of Avast that you should take into account when choosing between the two products:


  •      Automatic updates;
  •      Best malicious protection tool;
  •      Easy installation;
  •      Compatible with several operating systems;
  •      User-friendly interface;
  •      Advanced security features.


  •      The free version does not have a bonus feature.

About McAfee

McAfee is also quite famous for providing users with a high level of protection. The tool is compatible with different operating systems, and a free version is available. There are also different plans allowing users to pick the best one in terms of features and price.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of McAfee that you should pay your attention to:


  •      Good customer support;
  •      Advanced bonus features are available;
  •      Protection for multiple devices.


  •      Not the best malware detection.


Let’s have a closer look at the features of these two antiviruses to understand, which one of them is the best.


You want to find a solution that allows you to enjoy the maximum level of protection thanks to the advanced security tools. Both software products come with necessary features to protect you against malware, and whatever you choose, you will not have to worry about your data protection.

System impact

You want to be protected, but you do not want to be frustrated with a decreased system performance, and therefore, it is essential to choose antivirus software that will run smoothly without affecting your device performance. While Avast is a bit heavier and may change the system a little bit, McAfee has minimal impact on it. However, both software products do not cause lots of problems.


When using a software product, you want to enjoy the convenience.  Avast comes with a clean and straightforward interface, so you will find it very easy to use the product. Although McAfee is also pretty easy to use, it is a bit tougher than the rival. Generally, it depends on your preferences what you like the most.

Customer support

Although both products are excellent in terms of quality, you may need to contact customer support in case of issues, and you want to be sure that no problems will be encountered with that. Avast has a free hotline, but there is no live chat option. The rival has a live chat option that you can use around the clock.


There are paid versions of both products, and Avast will cost you a bit more than McAfee.  Free versions are also available, but they come with a limited set of features.


It is no wonder that it can be challenging for people to choose between Avast and McAfee because both software products are excellent in terms of malware protection, and the differences between them are insignificant. To make the right choice based on your preferences, it is recommended to test both software products (you can try free versions), and see which one provides you with the best user experience.

New Step by Step Roadmap for Avast Vs Mcafee

If you are in possession of a Retail card of McAfee security in your hand and you are interested in the activation of the key then you’re at the appropriate place. Every McAfee total protection package has a 100% guarantee that the corporation will be in a position to get rid of any virus that hits your system. You will also get absolutely free upgrades to McAfee software for the subsequent one year. Avast updates generally do not expect a system restart which is often true for McAfee Antivirus Plus. The trial edition of the McAfee antivirus does not have any cost, and you may use some features of McAfee for free in the trial version. The paid or premium versions of BitDefender and McAfee offer a bit more regarding protection for the cost you pay. All things considered, Bitdefender is a good deal more feature rich than McAfee.