Do You Really Need a Password Manager?

Every day, a huge amount of information leaks into the network, and therefore the need to create complex passwords is a necessity in the modern world. Thus,  that a password manager in the 21st century is a necessary tool for safe work.

Why do you need to use a password manager?

Do you want to be safe online? A strong password is one of the easiest and most important ways to protect yourself. Research shows that 9 out of 10 of our compatriots use a password that can be cracked in less than 6 hours. The problem is that hardly anyone likes to spend more time on passwords. It should be quick and easy – you log in, log in, and take action. However, this desire to make life easier for yourself often leads to really dangerous situations – access to online accounts in the event of a data breach or breach.

The way to create a password without fiddling or figuring it out is to use a program that generates strong and secure passwords. Such an application is called a password manager, available as a standalone program, but often also included in an antivirus package. So, do you still ask yourself: should I use a password manager?

This service will make your life much easier and at the same time increase your security. Thanks to this, you do not need to memorize dozens of combinations of letters and numbers, but only one strong password for the manager himself.

How does it work?

A password generator is a standalone program or part of a larger program (such as antivirus) that allows you to manage sensitive data such as logins, passwords, PINs, etc. It often has additional features such as generating random passwords.

When working with a service, you only need to remember one master password. However, if you lose them, you will also lose access to everything you saved in the manager. The data is well encrypted – a person trying to find out the contents of the database would have to spend many years and have the appropriate equipment, which is almost impossible.

What are the features of a good password manager? They are the following:

  • strong encryption is used,
  • additional protection of the data stored in the database, for example with the following
  • encryption level,
  • protects the data stored in the RAM during its work,
  • create a copy of the database to protect data from loss, for example, as a result of hardware failure,
  • did not use the system clipboard or automatically clear it after use,
  • automatically locks out after a short period of inactivity,
  • by default, it showed passwords on the screen in disguised form (for example, in dots) with the ability to display them in an open form.

The principle of operation of the password manager is as follows: the user enters passwords for all the necessary online services into the program database (the application can even help in their generation), after which you just need to remember the master password for entering the service itself. The advantages are obvious: for each web service, you can use a complex and unique password, but you only need to remember one master password. If you want to be sure of the security of your passwords, choose a tried-and-true, reliable, and constantly updated password manager from an experienced and trusted manufacturer.