Acer vs ASUS: Which Laptops are Better?

Among the huge number of companies involved in the production of computer equipment, the traditional confrontation is observed between the two firms – Acer and Asus. Each of them has its own adherents and is considered one of the best on the market. But how are things really? Which brand should you prefer?

Design and Screen

Both models are an ode to cutting-edge computer games. The Acer Predator 17X GX-792 laptop is a miniature spaceship (at least that’s how the manufacturer positions it): sharp features, aggressive design, a combination of a jet black case with red illumination, and all this splendor is complemented by a rear panel with “exhaust holes”.

Acer is a well-known Taiwanese company that has managed to “get out” into the international market of computer technology and electronics. Under this brand, they produce laptops, stationary PCs, smartphones, tablets, household appliances, etc. MI’s main tactic was to release budget models with good quality, in particular, good performance. A few years later, the first Japanese and German representations appear, after which various divisions are formed, in the name of which the word Acer is already present.

In terms of sales, Asus laptops in 2006. took 2nd place. Acer – on the first. This is due to the pricing policy of Acer, which can be formulated as a “foreign car at a low price.” The motto of Asus is “Quality for life”. According to statistics for the entire period of operation, the percentage of complaints about Asus laptops is All Asus laptops have a 2-year worldwide warranty. This means that wherever you buy an ASUS laptop, you can use the service anywhere in the world where there is an authorized Asus service center and get qualified advice and support.

As for the screen, acer vs asus have done their best:

  1. 17.3 ”displays with 4K video support – it’s really impressive!
  2. Acer’s strengths include a high-quality IPS screen with rich color reproduction, wide viewing angles.
  3. Support for NVIDIA G-SYNC with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz.

General Comparison of Asus and Acer

Productivity. Here, none of the opponents can achieve a significant advantage. The characteristics are the same. The only thing is that ASUS is more focused, as its whole view of office work says, and the frivolous ACER fits perfectly into the home interior. And in this, it is helped by the presence of a separate video adapter, the Nvidia GT630 (1GB).

Price. And again Acer comes forward. It turned out to be cheaper than the competitor by about $ 50! I will not say that this is a significant amount, but at the current exchange rate of the ruble Acer is in a psychologically comfortable zone – a large laptop with up to 25 tax-free minimum incomes, and Asus comes out of it, its cost – almost 26. But this is for someone who may be the deciding factor in the choice.

Reliability. In general, ASUS laptops are more reliable than similar models from ACER. ASUS service is definitely better. In addition, laptops with integrated Intel video adapters are much less afraid of overheating than models with a separate video card.