Amazon Echo Just Got Improved and Redesigned

Amazon Echo Just Got Improved and Redesigned

The huge number of products has been released to make your house smarter. The speakers did not only change the appearance but also its inside was changed.

Amazon definitely aims to become a part of every household. The unveiled products leave no doubt about that. Everything from a subwoofer and a microwave to a clock on the wall can become smart with Alexa. The company also launched a smart plug-in that will connect other gadgets to the Internet.

However, the major product of the party was the new models of Echo speakers. The old Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show have more powerful speakers. In addition, they have a totally new design now. The Amazon workers also announced a new speaker called Echo Sub. The user attaches it to the other Alexa speaker and gets the higher quality of sound. The Echo Input is another of Amazon’s innovation which makes other stereo systems “smart”.

The Echo Show changed a lot from the older models we saw. Now it has a much bigger display of 10 inches and a built-in smart home hub.

Amazon Echo Just Got Improved and Redesigned

Echo Car turned out to be a very small device that will hang out with you in the car. The assistant will be quite helpful if you are driving and suddenly remember to write something down, etc. It can even allow you to set up routine activities. Alexa will turn on the light when you get to your driveway, for instance.

The most unexpected products, however, were a wall clock and a microwave. Both of them may be connected to the smart speakers.

Amazon also announced the sales of the Link and Link Amp. They will allow the users to control other smart gadgets in your home with the help of Alexa. They are attached to the existing gadgets in the house and controlled via any Alexa-enabled devices.

With all these promises, Amazon aims to simplify and ease the setup of a smart house. Get ready for having Alexa everywhere you go.

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