Law Companies – Europe 2020

Choosing a law company is hard, especially when the selection of options is so big. One should take into account different factors to make the best possible choice. However, this list of the top 5 Swiss law firms should help you narrow down the list and make a great choice. We’ll also go over the main factors one needs to check to find the right fit.

Top 5 law firms in Switzerland:

  1. Swiss Firma.

The company deals with businesses and taxes. It helps with the legal side of opening a company, a corporation, or a brunch in Switzerland. Numerous articles on the official website are sure to bring lots of useful information and legal guidance, too. Swiss Firma helps with investments and immigration.

  1. Goldblum

It’s a perfect solution for those who need escrow services. However, the firm also deals with mergers, acquisitions, bank account opening, tax ruling preparation, etc. Goldblum’s main practices are in corporate law, banking & finance, tax law, intellectual property, escrow, and other business services. The latter include company formation, shelf company, and compliance services.

  1. Lenz & Staehelin

It’s also one of the leading firms with connections all across the globe. It has over 200 lawyers and offices in major economic centers of the country. High professional standards and a range of services make it a popular choice among both domestic and international clients.

  1. Homburger

This is a corporate firm that represents entrepreneurs and companies that are connected to commercial law.  It’s a perfect choice for those who need legal assistance with transactions, proceedings, and complex cases.

  1. Bär & Karrer Ltd.

The established firm that works with advising banks, securities dealers, insurance, and reinsurance companies. It has offices in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, and Zug. This company was awarded Switzerland Law Firm of the Year several times as well as received other awards and recognition.

How to pick a law firm?

Choosing a law firm, a person should remember to account for several factors. First of all, it’s better to start with the practice area. Pick the company based on what you need from the law firm and select those that operate in the needed niche.

Secondly, the size of the firm matters, too. It’s especially important for companies as this choice impacts the clients.

Another aspect to take into account is the location. In case you’ll have to visit the law firm rather often, it’s better to choose something with a suitable location.

Finally, consider the company’s reputation, working culture, etc. Such things are sure to indicate the law firm is the right fit for you or prove the opposite.

The verdict

When you take into account the factors above and apply them to the list of the best law firms in Switzerland, you are sure to get the best option. Since now you know about the best law firms in different niches and the rules of choosing the best fit, it’s easy to pick the most suitable one for your specific situation.